Feeling workout pain? Ironically, digestive enzymes might be the solution

Feeling workout pain? Ironically, digestive enzymes might be the solution

Matt Charnock 2 years ago

We all know exercise is good for us. And in this spirit each year, in the midst of our holiday glutton-fest extravaganza, we make a promise to ourselves that we will get fit for the new year (it’s been over four months, and I’m dying to know if your resolution is working out for you as well as it is for me). 

However, even in the best-intentioned state of empowerment and desire to work off the bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwich we may or may not have just devoured for breakfast, we forget one simple thing—working out can hurt. In fact, as many as 30 percent of adults are experiencing joint pain at this very moment. This, along with leading busy lives and pure boredom contribute to the fact that only eight percent fulfill their fat-burning desires.

But there may be an all natural, hidden helper that you may not have considered—pancreatic enzymes.

These digestive beauties are not just helpful for breaking down the steak and eggs you just ate for brunch. If taken in between meals, they have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with pain, speed recovery and even go as far as to lessen muscle damage.

Not to get too much into the medical weeds of it all, but an enzyme called protease is one of the most utilized of these supplements because it breaks down a protein called fibrin, which is essentially the biological equivalent of your nosey Aunt Emma who is the first at the scene for any developing family drama. Fibrin rushes to damaged areas of the body to check out the situation and block off tissues affected. Protease helps this process even further by breaking down Fibrin even more to speed up recovery. In fact, the medical community has gone as far as to study its effect on arthritis and even heart disease.

Personally, I was put onto these supplements by a workout buddy, who told me that taking these types of supplements (she gave me Wobenzym N specifically) was just as good as taking an Aspirin, but it was all natural and worked with my body as is.

Initially skeptical, I decided I had nothing to lose and took the supplements for about a week. As a martial artist, my exercise is particularly difficult on the joints, and I must say that for me, there was something to this. My notorious knee and wrist pain were significantly less than normal. Even still, when it comes to supplements, not everything works for everyone, so at the end of the day I suggest that before you try it yourself, obtain appropriate guidance from your doctor and please leave me a comment below letting me know how it went!

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