Top 6 Gift Ideas for Women and Girlfriend


Is it the time of the year when you buy beautiful gifts for your wife? Or maybe you are getting to know a girlfriend and thinking what the best gifts to buy her are? Or, perhaps you want to surprise that female crush of yours in a way she’d never imagined?

Top 6 Gift Ideas for Women and Girlfriend

There are so many gift ideas for her. Some are evergreen, a few are seasonal. But here is the guarantee: whatever you buy your special woman, crush, or girlfriend, you can be so sure that she will appreciate. Here are gift ideas for her that will make her blush this year.

1. Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is a woman’s must-have beauty gadget, a perfect gift to buy your woman if she often struggle to go to the saloon. The dryers come in different sizes, form, and cost. Whether she likes a hooded hair dryer for home or the best hair dryer under $100, there’s always an option on the market that will suit her. Some of the popular hair dryer brands include Babyliss Pro.

2. Hair Straightener

Women know how important it is to make their hair look beautiful. So besides drying, they also need their hair straight, sharp, and on point. A hair straightener makes a perfect gift or her in this case. You don’t have to break the bank to buy a hair straightener. Because the last time I checked, there are high quality dryers that go for cheap.

3. Sunscreen with SPF 30+

She may not be an acne patient, but she sure deserves a sunscreen with good SPF. See, sunscreens weren’t made for people with acne alone. Every woman that walks under the sun needs sunscreen to protect their skin from the harsh ultra violet rays. Buying her sunscreen with an SPF 30+ will give her the confidence that she can spend the whole day in the sun without worrying about skin problems.

4. Purse

A purse makes a good gift idea for her if she doesn’t have one. And even if she does, it doesn’t hurt to get her a variety. From purses that cost less than $50 to the most luxurious ones that go for over $300, there is always something with an asking price that you can easily pay.

5. High Heels

You know those shoes that makes her look taller than you? Yes, the ones that makes every man in the street look at her and make ‘wishes’? They make a perfect gift idea for all seasons. Of course, they don’t break the bank. And they are a perfect gift for a woman that just can’t get enough of shoes.

6. Laptop Backpack

Women love purses and backpacks. Getting her one that goes for under $100 will definitely make her a happy woman. Laptop backpacks for women are a must-have, especially if she is the kind of person that has to bring her laptop with her every to school or work.

7. Headphones for Sleeping

If she loves listening to music even when sleeping, she is probably more musical. As such, sleeping headphones for cheap make the best gift for her.  From Cozy Phones and Panasonic Ergo-Fit to Creative Aurvana, there is always a pair for an asking price. 


There are so many gift ideas out there. These are my favorites.