Memory Foam Mattresses: Mattresses that Keep You Cool


mattresses that keep you cool
mattresses that keep you cool

After a long and tiring day at work or school, a good night’s sleep is what one needs the most. Setting up the circumstances for this sleep definitely includes preparing your sheets, putting on your comfortable sleepwear and freeing up your mind. Prior to all that, however, is your choice of your mattress at the very beginning, since a comfortable mattress is the key to a peaceful sleep. Memory foam mattresses are inherently designed to address this requirement, by being able to adopt the person’s body shape and more importantly, help the person stay cool.

Memory foam mattresses are spring-less mattresses that are gaining increasing popularity due to their temperature control capabilities and body shaping nature. The technology and the chemicals used in the design of memory foam mattresses hold certain characteristics that affect the coolness of the mattress and thus, the comfort of the user during his/her sleep. Hence, when selecting between a number of such mattresses, the composition of the mattress needs to be studied to select the optimum model as per one’s requirements. The composition of the mattress affects its hardness, its density and the rate at which it responds to the human body weight applied to it. This is because, during the manufacturing process, water and certain chemicals are allowed to react under certain conditions to produce the ‘foam’ by allowing air into the structure. The density of the foam depends on the composition and would directly affect the firmness of the mattress, as well as its temperature. For example, the lighter the density of the mattress, the less is its ability to store body heat and the cooler it is. On the other hand, the lighter density may affect the mattress’s response to the person’s weight and therefore impact his level of comfort. This means that the specifications of a memory foam mattress need to be carefully explained to the users to make sure they are making the right choice. The user can then choose whether he/she prefers a softer mattress, a more flexible one, and/or a mattress that keeps him/her cooler, or a combination of all three.

Assessing the level of sleep comfort may be difficult due to the inherent difficulty in quantifying the quality of sleep. Observations and/or consumer feedback are subject to the differences in their personalities and preferences, which makes it harder in recommending a particular brand of memory foam mattresses to the customers. Nevertheless, the wide range of options and possibilities provided by different memory foam brands can help address the demands of a wide range of customers who may have not found their requirements in spring mattresses or other types of mattresses. Company representatives for memory foam manufacturers are typically well-informed about the different specifications of the mattresses, and their impact of the mattress characteristics, which can be used to help customers with their decision. Moreover, reviews by existing users are definitely useful in the assessment of, and comparison between, different brands to ensure the optimum choice of mattress as per the customer’s needs.

The numerous possibilities offered by memory foam manufacturers enable multiple brands and models into the market. So, while sleep may be subjective and based on personal preferences, there is a variety of options to cater to different user preferences. However, what they would all have in common is that they provide mattresses that keep you cool and comfortable, as a consumer. The effect of well-slept nights will reflect on your mood and productivity shortly thereafter.