The Most frequently ask questions about cuisine blogs


It is but typical human nature to be curious about everything interesting, especially when you are thinking of getting involved in whatever it is you are inquiring about. But we don't always inquire because of curiosity but because we are not sure about something, or just need expert advice.

Blogging is amazing and all rounded, but you may not be sure if it is going to work for you. A food blogs? You are entirely unsure whether you have all it takes to start one and may not be aware of any hitches that you may face along the way. The following questions may answer some of which you were not settled about.

Any tips on setting up a food blog?

Tips on setting one up is plenty. Basically, whatever you do in life, whether blogging or finances or studying, it's always a good idea to plan ahead and be prepared of any challenges and know how you will get to where you hope to.

Setting up a food blog should be easy when you have an idea of the end product that you hope for. If you have never written a blog post before, then you will have a lot to work on. Your starting point should, therefore, be on polishing your writing to be fit for a blog. Being a good writer is not enough, you should learn how to present your ideas in a captivating manner in order to maintain your reader's attention. When you feel your writing skills are well polished, go ahead to the next step of getting a good domain name for your blog. It should be a name that is unique but also short. Now subscribe to a web hosting plan, most preferably a shared web hosting for starters. Customize your blog in your inbuilt WordPress which often comes pre-installed in most web hosts. Start writing with the skills you already polished and hey, you're good to go! Publish your first food blog!

What are the challenges of food blogging?

Challenges are part of being human. We always come across them on a daily basis, and it sometimes is a good thing because it is a way of learning and also getting insights on how to overcome them in the future. The challenges you should expect to encounter in blogging are but not limited to:

Getting a good following count

This may be a source of frustration when you're beginning because it's not easy to get constant readers for your blog, let alone those who will follow


Blogging is not as easy as sending a long text message or sharing a post on WhatsApp. It needs time and perfection, and this could drain you at times.

Getting quality photos

Getting quality photos for your food blog may not be a walk in the park for you especially at the start when you don't have many connections. You may not want to download stock photos from Google because your goal is to be original.

The point here is to be strong and persevere since it all passes with time. If you're being driven by your passion for writing, then a few challenges should not discourage you, but instead be your source of motivation to keep going! Writing is amazing, and it gets better when you're being driven by something greater.

Can you make money from a food blog?

You may have been wondering if it's possible to make money from your food blog. You should therefore also wonder why some blogs have ads intertwined with the post's content, while other blogs don't. What could be the point? It's easy. Yes, it is very possible to make money from cuisine blogs, and the process is not difficult or long at all. But like everything else, you should have a plan that will help you get ahead and earn more every end month.

Advertising is one of the most commonly known ways of earning through food blogs specially. While this could be broken down, it’s better to understand it as a whole entity, "advertising" or "marketing". Most businesspersons discovered several ways to get their products to sell fast and hugely, and one of the ways is through the web. Now, the web is a huge "web" that connects a lot of activities, services, and even ideas. Blogging is a way of connecting to readers of web content, and one of the tools of advertisements; a good one for that matter.

Also, never forget to advertise your works if you have any. Your services could also be of great help to one or more of your readers and site visitors and the only way to know this is if you actually share your work. You could set a cheap purchase price when you're still in startup, or refer people to where or how they can access the services. If you want people to trust you and gain confidence with the kind of service you are providing, you have to be honest and state exactly what you are providing.

How do you establish a reader base?

How do you establish a reader base? This is not easy at all, but it is very possible. At the end of the day anyway, you just have to get an established reader base, so however, you choose to go about it is entirely up to you. This is how you could choose to do it, however. Share your blog through its sharable link with a lot of people. Monitor your progress slowly and in a step by step manner. You will realize that at the start, your reader base may stagger. Sharing your link with 100 people could get you roughly 30-50 reads and a staggering 20 follows. However, this should never discourage you! Remember that the few who have subscribed liked something and those who didn't, probably didn't like something, or they could simply not have much interest in reading. Keep sharing and keep improving your work. You will realize that as you improve in quality, so does your reader base improve. Remember that the better your work gets, the more people share it and recommend it to their friends and family. Therefore, provide the best for the best results!

Can anyone start a food blog?

Have you been wondering if a food blog is something that anyone can start or if you need some kind of expertise? Don't beat yourself up. Blogging was never meant for a particular group of individuals, meaning anyone can do it and be successful. Therefore, even without any experience in blogging, you could still make something great out of your work! You just need to have a high level of patience and a heart to learn from other cuisine bloggers who have succeeded.

Do these questions provide answers to something that had been bothering you about cuisine blogs? I sure hope so!