Add Cinnamon to Your Diet in a Variety of Ways


Ceylon cinnamon has numerous health benefits, and it is why this magical spice is being used in our kitchens for thousands of years. The antioxidants present in the Ceylon cinnamon make it a perfect choice for several therapeutic uses. However, contrary to the popular belief, cinnamon can be consumed in a variety of ways apart from Ceylon cinnamon sticks.

Add Cinnamon to Your Diet in a Variety of Ways

Let us get to know about them.

Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon, when blended with tea, is excellent to start a day. Cinnamon is naturally a mildly sweet spice and contains a spicy fragrance due to its essential oils present in the bark. When mixed with tea it gives this spicy sweetness and aroma to your tea. There is a variety of cinnamon tea available in the market and online stores, like cinnamon and green tea, cinnamon and black tea, pure cinnamon tea, etc. A cinnamon tea goes great with after dinner or with desserts.

Cinnamon Supplements

Though cinnamon can be easily used in powdered or stick for, you can consider Ceylon cinnamon supplements as an easy alternative to get the real cinnamon to your diet. Sometimes, the loose powdered form is not suitable for consumption due to non-uniformity of dose. Here, you can use an encapsulated form of cinnamon supplements which retains medical properties as well as granularity.

Cinnamon supplements ensure uniform and correct dosage.

Cinnamon Soap

The aroma, antiseptic properties and refreshing properties of cinnamon can be infused with soap also. Handmade cinnamon soap is crafted from soft wood. Made from raw material, a cinnamon soap is the perfect and original product to keep you refreshing all the day. It is also a perfect item to keep bad body odor away.

Cinnamon Bark Oil

A drop of cinnamon bark oil is a great essential oil which you can use for a variety of purpose. You can use it to keep the bad odor away, in aromatherapy or in cooking just before removing the dish off the fire. Ceylon cinnamon bark oil gives a delicate aroma of spice with a pungent taste. Cinnamon bark oil is beneficial for the countless purpose, and its effects are tonic, stomachic and heating. You can use in belly cramps, toothaches, and paralysis of tongue. Cinnamon oil can also be used in hot water or brewed tea to soothe the throat. Or, you can make an effective cleaning spray by mixing 2-3 drops of cinnamon bark oil in your regular cleaner.

These are some of the unique ways to use and consume cinnamon.