'Intersectionality' is the new problem religion

'Intersectionality' is the new problem religion

The Left has found a new religion, and it's impairing reason.


If it seems like a mouthful you don't want to say more than, hmm...never,thank a feminist in the '90s for the terrible coinage.

As a movement, it's growing more pronounced and problematic73deeply disturbing74Andrew Sullivan shows us in a New York magazine article. If you don't know him, Sullivan's a conservative political commentator and pioneer political blogger. 

112intersectionality113at UC Berkeley when Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak.

Shut it down! Shut it down! the students chanted to an invited speaker, their backs to him. Some of the faculty there publicly admitted they had not read his work and joined this protest.

Image: The Crucible from Penguin Classics 

190It feels like something out of The Crucible

Back up. What IS intersectionality again? 

We'll give you two ways to digest the concept: Sullivan's description, and a chart straight out of a gender studies department.

First, Sullivan:

229On the surface


Chart by Emily Tucker

If you see the world differently than the students and faculty at Middlebury and others who subscribe to this framework, you are immoral. 

278If you think that arguments and ideas can have a life independent of 279 you are complicit in evil

Do the students turning their back on a speaker at Middlebury look like they're intersectionalists 294finding common ground through discussing differences295

It didn't look like it. Devotees instead were choosing power over persuasion as an observer Greg Linaman nails this issue on Twitter.  

What happened at Middlebury was a shunning.

333It334s ability to debate the important issues?"

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