You've gotta love guns & boas to travel with Milo's circus

You've gotta love guns & boas to travel with Milo's circus

Right Liberty ? 2 years ago

Who wore a boa constrictor better, Britney or Milo? You decide. In the meantime, the search is on for America's Next Top Milo. This weekend saw the launch party of a new festival circuit of sorts, a traveling conservative circus. It's got its own fashion aesthetic, and we take a look in this post.

Image: Milo Yiannopoulos on Peter Boykin's Twitter

First, who's Milo? After tapes of far-right professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos seemingly condoning pedophilia recently surfaced, it seemed like his professional life dried up on him. 

Then on May 5th, 2017 (which he dubbed 'Cinco de Milo,' naturally, and BTW we're not sure if that's anything like a fifth of bourbon), Milo threw a huge party at the Meme Mansion in Miami to celebrate the announcement of his new touring company, named (what else?) Milo, Inc. (Watch the livestream here.)

Image: Jack Posobiec on Twitter

The strictest fashion rules were enforced to get into this very exclusive gathering/mini-festival/meeting of the minds. 

The Bitch's new company (note: it's a name he calls himself) will focus on live tours, first featuring him and planning to scout new conservative talent. 

Image: Cinco de Milo

Looking for comedians, America's Next Top Milo, etc. This may only be a single party now, but every festival circuit has a launch event, right? The man's intent is to turn this into a traveling circus. Perhaps that's why all guns and boas, all the time.

Apparently no one informed the celebrants -- like Roger Stone and Cassandra Fairbanks and Jack Posobiec -- that Pepe the Frog had just been killed off by his creator, Matt Furie. (It's doubtful they would have cared, anyway.)

When gun, fashion tries too hard? You be the judge.

Aww, you could've taken this one in your living room!

What do you think of this alternate Cinco de Mayo party? Would you join Milo's traveling circus?

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