The Hardest Would You Rather Questions on The Internet


We live in a world where we are constantly trying to lead a better life, talk to beautiful girls and reach the next level. However, most of us are often in the same everyday that we do every day. Although we know consciously that this routine (or rituals, if you like) is counter-productive, we can proceed anyway. What am I talking about? Well, give me some examples to explain your issue:

1. You may be accustomed to late sleep, and you know that even if you should not do so.

2. You can eat junk food at night, and we all know that there is never a good idea.

3. You can tell yourself that you should exercise regularly, but not.

But why?

Change the man

Is not man considered to be a developed, misunderstood caste?

Your new life

If your life is actually doing things that you know, how should you do it? In my opinion, everyone knows that they work harder without being healthy, trained enough to sleep and twist. If we all know what we should do, we would live in the world with healthy, happy people without obesity ...

Of course not.

Rather, steer our bad habits into our lives and look for immediate satisfaction. I believe people are responsible for a high brain that needs to know that we should do it, and then we have a less primitive brain that regulates our immediate desire. Junk Food at 3 o'clock? It is an ancient brain that it is hungry and now needs attention!

On the other hand, good habits are usually a conscious decision result and long-term goals. (Read the guide for better life.) These decisions are made by the top brain of rare moments of knowledge. Most of the time I have about 90% of the time we have on autopilot, we'll have to say in our lean low brain. Urgent desires, food, sleep, meeting ...

We make it our habit without thinking about it, and we do it again and again.

I think to change our life, first we should accept the fact that we spend 90% of the time with autopilot. Everyone does it He will make many efforts to continually think about our consciousness. The autopilot script gets what most of our lives, well ... these are our habits.

To make changes in our lives, we need to change our habits. Looks simple, but in fact the habit of changing is one of the hardest things for humans. Why not? Since habits are not a result of deep connection to your brain and to change the habit, you'll have to change your mind again with a new habit.

Scientists study how much time the brain (after dissection) is, and late, states that the brain needs at least 21 days to fully recover. This means that you should do the same thing for 21 days. Always apply a new habit.

Start small

So start small and work from there. They say that if you are not the only one every month, you can use up to 12 new habits every year. First choose a little bit and then make 21 consecutive days, and you're set for life. For example, after 30 minutes of breakfast, it is necessary to take training every morning. As a bonus, these women will be interested in their body language.

Applying new habits ... A small word of warning in about 10 days, there is a psychological barrier that most people meet. Usually around 10 days when your brain opposes this new habit of resistance and wants to go. No, it is a mental obstacle because your brain is reviving. Imagine it is a great transition from one side to another and within 10 days to keep track of the changes. If you can cross the barrier, you're good! Good luck!