Conservative Tokenism Backfires Again With Omarosa's Betrayal Of Trump


Omarosa-White House Spat Reveals Identity Politics Trap

Disgraced Trump administration washout Omarosa Manigault Newman is on the war path. Ever since being relieved of her position as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, this scorned sista has denigrated her former employer as she — yet again — makes her way around the reality television circuit.

“It’s just been so incredibly hard to shoulder what I shouldered because I was so loyal to a person and I didn’t realize that by being loyal to him it was going to make me lose a hundred other friends,” Omarosa said while taping "Celebrity Big Brother," before claiming she would never vote for Trump again "in a million years."

The White House fired back at Omarosa. “Omarosa was fired three times on The Apprentice and this was the fourth time we let her go,” White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah said. “She had limited contact with the president while here. She has no contact now.”

“I felt like it was a call to duty,” Omarosa said. “I felt like I was serving my country, not serving him … it was always about the country. I was haunted by tweets every single day.”

It is hard to imagine a woman more disingenuous than Omarosa, as Trump has been releasing controversial and insulting Tweets since the minute he created his account on the social media site. Omarosa should have been grateful that Trump was loyal enough (and perhaps foolish enough) to give such an infamous, loud-mouthed reality show contestant a position in his White House, but like most tokens, she has proven to be self-serving and unprincipled above all else.

The Right Needs to Stop Playing the Left's Identity Politics Game

Where has tokenism gotten the Republican Party and the conservative movement as a whole anyway? Black Republicans are generally party-line establishment types with no spine at the national level (see: Tim Scott and Mia Love for prime examples of this phenomenon). Minorities who are propped up to Republican leadership positions at the campus level are usually unqualified to the point of ridiculousness (see: the black college Republican who started a Kanye West for President PAC).

Conservative tokenism has gotten so out of control that Candice "Red Pill Black" Owens is now an employee of Turning Point USA, a national conservative student organization. Owens gained widespread infamy for wanting to start a national doxxing registry that would have empowered digital lynch mobs to destroy the reputations of individuals for alleged cyber-bullying and microaggressions. Her deranged idea was rejected even by social justice warriors of the left, so she has since rehabilitated her image as a conservative Trump supporter. TPUSA has eaten this up and made Owens their "Urban Engagement Director."

Owens deserves some credit for seeing just how pathetic and desperate the conservative movement is to strut around some black faces in an attempt to prove how non-racist they are. She saw dollar signs, and is now cashing in on conservative stupidity. Now you may see your boomer Republican uncle sharing her incoherent videos on any given day, but to anyone outside of the conservative bubble, conservative attempts to appeal to leftist sensibilities do nothing but destroy morale. By seeing that the movement is hypocritical, astroturfed, and the opposite of a meritocracy, authentic conservative activists are alienated as minorities are given rewards they simply have not earned all in an attempt to appease people who will never accept conservatives anyway.

Trump was certainly foolish in my opinion for giving Omarosa, a clear affirmative action hire, a relatively substantial position in the White House. When she was unceremoniously fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly, it was obvious that she would strike back in a classless manner. There have been many instances of people recruited only for public relations purposes deriding the supposed racism within the conservative movement after their do-nothing paychecks dry up. Upon discovering that they can get paid even better by Salon or Mother Jones later on, they eagerly throw their former benefactors under the bus. Still, conservatives never learn the lesson because their corporate masters love propping up those minority faces, and the conservative movement is first and foremost about pleasing the corporate interest.

The conservative movement needs competent, authentic leadership. It needs conservative talent to be enthused and fostered. It doesn't need superficial tokens. If you are a member of an ethnic minority group who understands capitalism, property rights, and the virtuous history of America, you should not be shunned or mistreated, but the rest of us have to be realistic that these folks are few and far between (and likely to stay that way, especially if the left maintains its control of the mainstream media and pop culture). The right wing is largely comprised of white males, but this is not a problem that needs to be remedied with quotas — indeed doing so inherently endorses the left's distorted, race-obsessed worldview. There is much to learn from Trump's error of embracing a talent-less token. We have to make conservatism a meritocracy again, and end the handouts to those who do not belong.

Conservative Tokenism Backfires Again With Omarosa's Betrayal Of Trump