Trump's Military Parade Should Highlight Defeat of ISIS in Syria


President Donald Trump's success in the Middle East pertaining to Syria and ISIS has been lost in the shuffle completely, as the Right tries to fight the coordinated unprecedented attacks of the deranged Left. Treason and sedition is the flavor of the day from the Left, and they will continue these actions until they are crushed. This is why Trump's idea for a military parade, if done correctly, could be very advantageous.

While I am typically not a fan of large gaudy parades meant to celebrate government power, I can see a practical purpose for one right about now. The immense progress that Trump made against ISIS, with help from Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashir al-Assad, has been incredibly under-reported by media villains out to destroy the Republic. Very few people even seem to remember ISIS these days, as the collective stupidity and amnesia of the public soars to new heights.

Most of the folks who were frightened and begging for war to stop ISIS just a couple years ago have moved onto other topics to express their hysteria. The media is always happy to give them many phantoms to chase, and "Russian collusion" may be the most insultingly idiotic trope they have thrown out there yet. It is probably not an exaggeration to say that the Left would happily put ISIS into power throughout the Middle East if it meant that Donald Trump was removed from the White House and replaced with Hillary Clinton or a similar criminal.

The enemies of freedom on the Left must have Trump's progress rubbed in their faces. If the military parade accomplishes that, it will be worth the expenditure of taxpayer resources. The parade needs to include decorated military personnel giving powerful speeches detailing how foreign policy has changed drastically since Trump took the reigns. The point must be made very forcefully that Obama did not allow military personnel to achieve their objectives in fighting ISIS while Trump did, and the results prove that.

This will put the soulless, degenerate, America-hating cowards of the political left on the defensive. They will have to posture against the troops, who they were happy to piss on for the majesty of their false idol dictator Barack Hussein Obama. They will be forced to marginalize veterans who spread the truth, even if doing so undermines their mission to keep America safe. It turns out that Trump calling Obama the "founder of ISIS" was one of the most truthful comments he ever made, and the Left serving as their craven apologists.

Luckily, we don't have to deal with any of that anymore. Obama is an afterthought, and his entire legacy has been pissed on by Trump. ISIS has been 98 percent defeated throughout the Middle East. The left even revived McCarthyism to stop this progress and help ISIS remain in power, but it was to no avail. Trump is in command, Putin is riding high, and Assad's regime has been stabilized. While the rest of Trump's foreign policy may be suspect as he continues similar policies from previous regimes, his stark departure on Syria has paid dividends.

The progress in Syria and the eradication of ISIS must be the two primary focuses of the upcoming military parade. If a generic pro-America message is all that is displayed, that will not be enough. If the show is used to saber-rattle against countries like North Korea or Iran, that will be counter-productive. America doesn't need to get involved in another unnecessary, costly war. The military parade must celebrate the progress the U.S. military has made in bringing stability to the world, and to counteract the evil defamation of the Left – an enemy far more dangerous to America's future than any terror group throughout the world.

Trump's Military Parade Should Highlight Defeat of ISIS in Syria