LIB your life: ⚡️??????Listen & learn, move & dance, dine, dig deeper and more

LIB your life: ⚡️??????Listen & learn, move & dance, dine, dig deeper and more

silvanamondo 2 years ago

Festival season is fiercely on and the supercharged  yet eco-conscious Lightning in A Bottle is just around the corner! LIB is one of the top festivals combining and promising extraordinary experiences in music, art, foodie adventures, round-the-clock yoga, healing & empowerment workshops and more all happening by a picturesque lakeside terrain between San Francisco and LA at the San Antonio Recreation Area.

Image above by Daniel Zetterstorm

Many festival goers return every year for the yoga experiences alone which is offered at all times every single day. ??❤️

Explore the yoga lineup now! View lineup on our main feed. . Read more & see the full lineup here:

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Sticking to their green ethos is huge for LIB. Everyone is encouraged to be a conscious consumer . Carbon offsets when buying tickets is highly encouraged. 

There's a huge lineup of activities to choose from in between dancing to all the top international DJs sets lined up to play at various festival stages scattered in Bradley, California. 

Here are some activity suggestions whether you're going with a significant other or just friends:

Get ready for all-night & all-around debauchery at @amoriscasino & Burlesque! ❤️ Located near the Woogie.

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I'm definitely down for:  GT's Living Foods Workshop. 

Totally not tossing the Plastic Pollution talk:

"Never stop learning because life never stops teaching" ⚡️ . ?: @daniel_zetterstrom

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??Unify Global Meditation count me in!

Talks and activities geared toward awareness, sustainability, greater humanity and higher perspective are mainstays of LIB aligned with its ethos. I'm all for activating the pineal gland. 

Compass Content Partner Spotlight - @living_village_culture Head to to learn more!

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If I were going, a big part of the why is music. I would not miss my fave DJ Hernan Cattaneo's set + another DJ friend's session, Guy J.  My top picks also include San Francisco DJ Mark Slee and former San Francisco resident Marques Wyatt at The Woogie. And that's just one stage! 

LIB tickets can be purchased here: 

And just in case you're not into camping, as in pitching your own tent camping. boutique camping is available in package tiers this being the best, called Uber Cool for $2,850 for 2 beds for 4 days which includes all these but still does NOT include showers and restrooms:

16’ Luxury Canvas Bell with Interior Height of 9’8” and 200sq ft of Living Space - One Full Size Elevated Bed complete with real mattress and fresh linens and shower towels - Indoor Furniture, Lighting, and Power Outlets - Personal Cooler w/ Complimentary Ice - Outdoor Shade and Seating Area - Two Keepsake Lightning in a Bottle Water Bottles - Two Lush Lounge Visitor Wristbands for Guests’ Friends not staying in Boutique Camp *showers and restrooms not included - On-site Concierge Service for custom order runs to town or advance scheduling of unique festival activities.

E X P E R I E N C E ??? . ?: @watcharaphoto #LIBfestival

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