Mourinho Has Chosen the Player Who Can Give United a Second Chance: Neymar


This post was originally published on Storia Brasil, by Fabiohecico

Mourinho Has Chosen the Player Who Can Give United a Second Chance: Neymar

Jose Mourinho has dreamed of working with Neymar for a long time. A year ago, he said that despite wanting to have the player in Manchester United, the possibility was unrealistic due to Neymar's transfer price. Now, confirmed for another season in England, the Portuguese coach dreams of making this partnership. He would persuade the Red Devils to pay whatever it takes. It would be the coach's great chance for a career boost.

Such a transfer could be beneficial to all parties involved. It was with United that Cristiano Ronaldo won his first Golden Ball, in 2008. Winning the award is a huge obsession for the Brazilian star and such an offer to set this as a goal could attract Neymar, especially since the player makes no effort to hide his desire for a change of scenery. In PSG, que thought he would be the number 1. It has not worked out so far and things have not been smooth with the Parisian team's supporters either. Playing for a new European giant is now a top priority for Neymar.

And because Mourinho wants to bring back the winning United, it wouldn't be a surprise if Neymar started wearing a red shirt soon. He would definitely accept a good proposal - you can bet on that.

Neymar would then be the face of Manchester, with total freedom to do as he pleases. In a recent interview, Mourinho revealed how to make a strong team in Europe: "a team without a Brazilian player is not a team".

The lobby is set. Mourinho wants to convince Neymar to come to Manchester with the promise of bringing a couple of Brazilians as well. The names of Fred and Alex Sandro might be considered.

But how to get Neymar without breaking United's savings? Mourinho has already released a few players and Pogba is being offered around. The cut on expenses could free the room for the richest club in the planet to have stars the size of Neymar.

The biggest Brazilian hope for the World Cup, Neymar will be back in the fields on the next few days, after a surgery that left him in rehabilitation. Red Devils would be the best choice for Neymar, who was already shadowed by Messi in Barcelona and would make the same mistake had he gone to a club like Real Madrid.