Can you say, 'Ouch?!?'

Can you say, 'Ouch?!?'

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LiLo's Comeback
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Leave it to LiLo to remind us all just how relatable a star she is -- she had a miserable end of summer weekend mishap, and we all got to share in her agony!

Can you say, 'Ouch?!?'

Poor Lindsay! She's been spending her summer since the breakup from Egor, her former Russian fiancé, sailing around the mediterranean with friends (including her new Greek boyfriend). While helping out with the ⚓️anchor, her hand became entangled and her ?finger (of ALL the fingers!!) got sliced off!

Luckily for LiLo, she was able to secure her finger-bit, and the doctors were able to reattach it. She's now resting comfortably and we wish her a speedy recovery!

One handed selfie. ??? ? #whatdayisit @_lauraslater

A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Fans everywhere on social media poured out their hearts to the starlet, some even sharing their own stories in an attempt to make her feel better:

Can you say, 'Ouch?!?'

Others took a wider view...

Can you say, 'Ouch?!?'

Seriously, what will come next??

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