#OHM Explodes at The Baked Potato

Duane Whitaker at the @thebakedpotato in Studio City, CA on March 8, 2016 after ​OHM​'s performance.

So my assignment is to hit @thebakedpotato and “review” the ​OHM​ show. Now, on top of the enormous salary I am being paid, I am enticed by the offer of a free potato. Sometimes one forgets that @thebakedpotato actually serves top notch baked potatoes. I get there nice and early and Justin sets me up with the Chicken Parmesan Spud. I get set up with my note pad at my usual seat at the corner of the bar -- so I don’t get mobbed by the fans -- just kidding. I like this seat though. I’m used to it.

The first thing I notice is the ultra-cool drum kit. Very fancy. I have only seen one quick set a while back with Nick, the new drummer. I had to sneak out early -- had a stupidly early call the next morning. Which reminds me... David Eagle was not a close friend but I did know him and I really liked him a lot. I loved his playing and his sense of humor. A long while back, I ran into David, Chris and Robbie at my Starbucks pretty late one night. I sat down and we had a great time chatting about various shit. Just a nice spontaneous thing. David was a good one. I’ll miss him.

So this new drummer...he’s damn good. What a shock. It’s interesting for me because this is the third drummer ​OHM​ has had since I started sniveling at their feet. They all bring different things to the table. Baker, David, and this new dude, Nick. All very different players that change the dynamic of the band -- but all exceptional musicians. Look, if you can play with Chris and Robbie -- you are a bad hombre -- let’s be clear on that.

On a tech level, the sound at the Potato has never been better. I’m not sure what all they have done and I don’t care. Great sound in that room.

There is no way any human being could finish this Parmi-potato. I’m a glutton and I can’t do it. It’s ridiculous. Haystacks Calhoun couldn’t finish this sucker. (*Haystacks Calhoun. Aug. 3 1934/Dec. 7 1989 Gargantuan wrestler. 640 pounds. Recognized as a pioneer of sports “Super Heavyweight” attractions.)

Oh yeah -- the gig. Chris seemed ultra relaxed and laid back, played his ass off -- even better than usual. He’s a freak. Robbie was playing his other bass because the main bass was being worked on. He played his ass off. He’s a freak. Nick? Played his ass off. He’s a freak. He seemed unhappy with his playing but to us normal humans, it sounded great. Best overall drum sound I’ve ever heard in that room.

My favorite tune in the set is always “Sister Sheryl”(S.P.?) which nicely encompasses all the things I really like about this band. Namely, the melodic sense they have; played it nicely. The new tunes are big time. Liked “Carpet Nap” a lot; kind of a James Bond theme on crack. The new tune before that was a killer too; not sure it even has a name yet. The second set opened with the “Heavy Jam” and they tore through it like Nordic Gods. I’m not sure exactly what a “Nordic God” really is but this dude I knew from Canada used to say it a lot: “Great Nordic Gods!” -- that kind of thing. Nice ring to it. Hell of a show. You should have been there. Did I mention the high quality of that Chicken-parmi spud?

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