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The soundtrack mixed indie Brit guitar bands with electronica acts 🎶 


The 1996 film Trainspotting mixed indie Brit guitar bands such as Pulp and Blur with eloctronica acts such as Underworld and some classics such as Iggy's Lust for Life as a musical backdrop for a film about heroin addiction. This journey through the dark corners of the Edinburgh drug scene was perfectly relayed and propelled by this ingenious mix of indie artists and varying genres within. Have a listen below to a couple tracks from the movie--

The clarinet of a famous New Orleans player is now an art piece in its case 🎶

A musical life in a box

Kendrick Lamar played London & this is what she recalls 🎶

At a concert in London:

It was my first time in #London. It was a quick trip to go see #KendrickLamar perform at #WirelessFest. There isn’t a cool story here except that I was walking alone trying to find some people I knew when a group of guys walked towards me and one called me a Disney Princess.

Their sound is underground, with pop-savvy electronic & deep lyrics 🎶

Bob Moses

What does an urban planner Bob Moses (who designed the modern New York City) have in common with  singers/songwriters Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie? None but they named their DJ duo after him anyway. The two met in high school and shared the love of pop-punk bands. After meeting again years later, they merged musically and now they're making their namesake famous as they continue to tour the globe and attract huge audiences. 

The track Far from the Tree is how I came to know them in 2013. I've hea…

How you can get in on these secret showcases around the world 🎶

Secret Gigs and Intimate Concerts

Sofar Sounds: Secret gigs and intimate concerts. If you want to discover a never seen, up and coming band in your town, come to this!

If someone invites you to go to SOFAR Sounds, GO. Chances are, that friend of yours is either a musician or involved in the music or other entertainment industry. SOFAR is a global community and a network of artists, hosts, and guests, founded in London in 2010 and now based in 263 cities around the world. They put together a show in a small intimate setting at a s…