2. Let's get real -- the crowd went SILENT


You know it's gonna be awkward when the audience is 99% not your "kind" and they don't even try to play along. The POTUS delivers a funny, and snappy, comedic speech that has people laughing and grimacing, but more than anything showing his blackness.

2. Let's get real -- the crowd went SILENT

Then comes Larry.  He's not even trying to fit in. Nope. He's full on wallowing in his blackness, which he does Nightly on the Nightly Show. 

It's eery to see him face a packed crowd of nearly silent fancily dressed white people, who are not appreciating his humor. It nearly reminds me of Chris Rock's Oscar's routine, only Chris went light on his fellow actors, where Larry could care less that these reporters and network executives and their pampered talent (like bobble-headed Don Lemon), don't like his blackening of the evening.