Meet Meenakshiamma, the 76-year-old Indian martial arts master

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We all think our grandparents are the best in the world. 

But what if your granny was actually an amazing martial artist who is still teaching boys and girls how to defend themselves with an ancient traditional martial art?

Meet Meenakshiamma, from Vatakara, Kerala, India. At 76 years of age, she's a skilled warrior and teacher of the martial art of kalaripayattu.

Watch her handily defeat a young man who's probably less than half her age:

As you can see from the views, that video went viral (and with good reason). Soon, Meenakshiamma was hearing about how her videos were everywhere from local children.

If you'd like to learn more about kalaripayattu, here's an English-language video about the martial art:

All we can say is, Meenakshiamma is definitely #goals. We hope we're that strong, skilled, and sure of ourselves when we're 76!

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