Sania Mirza Stops Sexism in its Tracks

Can't a woman be celebrated as the Number One Womens's Doubles player in #professional#tennis and the most popular #athlete in her home country of #India for a minute before she gets asks about #marriage and #babies?

It's tough being #SaniaMirza, but she handles the fame and the pressure with grace.

91settle down92Am I not settled?93

The response caused the journalist to check his #sexist train of thought and realize, he doesn't ordinarily ask male athletes this line of questioning.

And for the first time since I've ever been aware of it, and according to Sania, it was a first for her too -- he apologized for going down that route.

Cut them off at the pass, Ladies. Take notice of Sania's interview and and don't forget #JenniferAniston's recent powerful essay in HuffPo about getting chased for her non-existent pregnancy story.

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