Five Latest SEO Trends You Need To Know Now

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Search engine optimization, widely known as SEO is an integral part of online marketing. SEO has become synonymous to the digital marketing. As a business owner, you must know that SEO is constantly changing. If you do not stay updated with the latest SEO strategies and the trends, you will lose the chances to gain a strong online presence. Like SEO, the Google algorithm also changes continuously. You should stay updated with the latest technology trends.

This is the year of technology. This year has witnessed lots of changes in the field of online marketing and more to come. Are you keen to know about the latest SEO trends? If yes, then you may dive into the below section where I have talked about this topic.

  • Structured Data

The best way to format HTML is to use the structured data. HTML generally uses a specific type of vocabulary that tells the search engines, like, Google about how to interpret any content and how to make it displayed in the SERPs. The prime aim of using the structured data is to enhance the search listings. There are several structured data formats that you can use. If you invest in a top-notch Cape Town SEO company, the experts can help you regarding this.

  • Increasing SERP Features

Do you think the high ranking of your website in the search engine result will enable you to drive the web traffic? If so, then think about it again. The rising SERP features are stealing the attention of the searchers. With the great change in the SERP features, it is really difficult for you to track the ranking of your website in these features. There are several tools that can help you perform this job in an efficient manner.

  • Voice Search Claims Much Importance

Are you still doubtful about voice search? Well, don’t be. It is the time to take this seriously. As per the recent survey, about 60 percent of teens and 40 percent of the adults use the voice search regularly. There are several tools that you may use to conduct a thorough research on the possible questions, asked by the voice searchers. By researching this, you can make a list of the relevant keywords.

  • “Linkless” Backlinks

For the past few years, links have been considered as the trust signal for the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. With the progression of time, the techniques have changed and now the “Linkless” backlinks are the latest trends. These days, several search engines are using the unlinked mentions for ranking.

  • Page Loading Speed Matters

Speed matters a lot. High speed is not only considered as a ranking signal, it is also a prime UX factor. UX can impact the rankings a lot. Now you may ask how fast your page loading time should be. What Google expects that the page should be loaded in under at least three seconds. To improve the page loading speed, you may avoid using large media files and images.

Hope, you find all the information useful. To know more about this, you may take the help of the SEO experts who have years of experience and wide knowledge of this subject.

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