Interview Transcription: The Best Way to Keep Valuable Information

Interview Transcription: The Best Way to Keep Valuable Information

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Interview Transcription: The Best Way to Keep Valuable Information

An interview is a reliable source of fresh and useful information. While taking a person’s interview, professionals usually keep it as an audio file. They will be able to get the information, provided by the interviewer only when they convert the audio file as a written or electronic text document. This is the best way to get most of the information from the interview.

The process in which professional transcriptionists convert the recorded audio file into a written text document is known as audio transcription. If the audio file is about the interview, you need to opt for interview transcription process. Professional, transcribing the interviews will allow you to,

  1. Save your precious time.
  2. Get an accurate transcript, word for word
  3. Index and reference the interview sections within a short time
  4. Perform analysis on the information, got from the captured interview
  5. Quickly read all the information, rather than listening to it

For online interview transcription services, you may contact a leading transcription company that has amazing track records and years of experience.

Procedure on How to Get Professional Interview Transcription

With the help of highly professional interview transcription service provider, you can get an accurate transcript. Here are the steps, you should follow.

• Step 1:

Choose an online transcription company and upload your audio file in the specific details. You need to enter all your details when uploading the file.

• Step 2: This is the stage where the groundwork takes place. During this stage, highly skilled transcriptionists will convert the recorded audio file into a written or electronic text document.

• Step 3: You need to make the payment for your transcript.

• Step 4: This is the final stage where you will receive your transcript. After you make the payment, you will receive your transcript within the given time.

Useful Tips for Better Audio Quality

When recording the interview, you may follow the below-mentioned tips for a better transcript. Check these out now.

  1. Avoid Background Noise: Make sure that you record it in a quieter place. For a better transcript, you need to avoid the background noise. You need to record in a soundproof room; if it is possible for you.
  2. Do Not Allow Multiple Speakers to Speak at the Same Time: In case there are multiple speakers, ensure the fact that only one person speaks at a time. This is how you can provide your transcriptionist with a scope to identify each and every word properly.
  3. Place Microphone at A Proper Distance: For the accurate transcript, you should use a high-quality microphone and place it at a proper distance. You should do this for adequate clarity of sound.
  4. Speak At A Comfortable Pace: You may ask the interviewer to speak at a steady and comfortable pace; so that the listeners can understand every work properly.

So, this is how you can record the interview. Hopefully, you will follow the above-given tips and will keep in mind what I have said in the above section. For further queries, you may take the help of professional and experienced transcriptionists who have extensive knowledge of this topic. You should conduct a thorough research first before you proceed.

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