Children Glued To Screens? Don’t Worry, Docs Tell Parents

Children Glued To Screens? Don’t Worry, Docs Tell Parents

WilliamBarnes 2 weeks ago

If you are a parent and you about the effects of your child’s exposure to digital screens, a group of doctors has advice for you: Don’t worry. A new study by pediatricians says there is little evidence digital screen use is bad for children's health. The doctors have come up with a set of guidelines.

Parents should worry less as long as they have gone over a checklist on the effect of screen time on their child, it says, says quoting the study.

The guidance doesn’t setting screen time limits, but it recommends not using the devices in the hour before bedtime,

According to experts, it is important that the use of devices does not replace sleep, exercising, and time with family.

The guidelines were set in the context of a review of evidence published at the same time in the BMJ Open medical journal, and follows a debate on whether youngsters’ time on devices should be restricted.

Most of the evidence in the review was based on television use, but also included other screen use, such as phones and computers.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), which oversees the training of specialists in child medicine, has produced the guidance for under-18s.

It said there was no solid evidence that exposure to a screen is "toxic" to health, as is sometimes thought.

The review of evidence found associations between higher screen use and obesity and depression.

But the college looked at this and said it was unclear from the evidence whether higher screen use was causing these issues or whether people with them were more likely to linger on screens.

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