Dems Win House; Senate Set To Stay Under GOP’s Control

Dems Win House; Senate Set To Stay Under GOP’s Control

WilliamBarnes 2 months ago

In an eagerly watched mid-term election, the Democrats have taken control of the US House of Representatives.

A Democratic majority in the lower chamber for the first time in eight years will restrict President Donald Trump’s ability to steer his program through Congress.

But Trump's Republicans are set to further control the Senate, report the BBC and CNN.

Tuesday's vote was seen as a referendum on a polarizing president, even though he is not up for re-election till 2020.

The election results are compatible to a historical trend for the party that is not in the White House to make gains in the mid-terms.

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President Trump focused on the Senate, and claimed success by quoting a commentator.

“There’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off-year election. Mr. Trump has magic about him. This guy has magic coming out of his ears. He is an astonishing vote getter & campaigner. The Republicans are.......”

The Democrats took control of the House, having gained more than the 23 seats they need to take over the lower chamber of Congress. Americans voted for all 435 seats in the House.

The Democrats could now monitor Trump's administration and business affairs, from tax returns to potential conflicts of interest.

They could also more effectively block his legislative plans, notably his promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

But analysts say dealing with a hostile House may suit the president, who is known both for his partisan style and ability to switch positions. They say he could either choose to accuse the Democrats of obstruction or try to reach deals to get legislation through.

Image credit: BBC

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