Font That Helps To Remember Information Developed

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We have heard of memory-boosting drinks and foods. Eating walnuts supposedly prevents memory loss. But a font that helps people retain information in their brains? Australian researchers say a new font that they have developed – Sans Forgetica – could do exactly that.


24desirable difficulty.25

The principle means that if difficulty is added to the learning process, people are compelled to make greater effort, thereby achieving better memory retention.

39readers often glance over them and no memory trace is createdare reported by

On the other hand, if a font is too difficult to read, readers don’t retain information well.

64Sans Forgetica lies at a sweet spot where just enough obstruction has been added to create that memory retention

72where fonts with a range of obstructions were tested to determine which led to the best memory retention

80Sans Forgetica broke just enough design principles without becoming too illegible and aided memory retention

Download Sans Forgetica as an extension to Google Chrome or as a font from a website of the university before you forget about the font.

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