Global And Local: A Chinese Phone Maker Captures Africa

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One of China’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers that hasn’t sold a single piece in China, but has captured the market in Africa, home to a billion people. The brand, Transsion, unknown in the West, has beaten better-known rivals like Samsung and Apple.

The company has taken a less traveled path – totally different path from other top Chinese smartphone makers, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, which took shape in China before venturing out to global markets, according to a feature.

“Transsion built its business in Africa. And it has no plans to come home,” according to the story.

The brand has built its business with twin strategies: keeping costs down and customizing the product for consumers.

Pperhaps Transsion's smartest move is its pricing. It has three main brands: Tecno, Infinix, and Itel. Most of the company’s feature and smartphones sell for between $15 and $200. The company knows well that the African market is price-sensitive.

58About 95 percent of Transsion smartphones cost under $200

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Also, because of power cuts and rationing of electricity, consumers in Africa appreciate the long batter life of Transsion phones. Some have junked Samsung for Transsion phones.

Transsion's business is poised for growth. It has connected with consumers in Nigeria through one of their biggest passions: music. Tecno in 2015 launch a music app called Boomplay, an African rival to iTunes or Spotify.

Transsion is now set to expand to other developing countries. Last year, it launched Tecno in India, and it has already claimed a 5 percent share of the mobile phone market there.

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