Hanoi’s ‘Train Street’ Becomes A Mecca For Selfie-Lovers

Hanoi’s ‘Train Street’ Becomes A Mecca For Selfie-Lovers

WilliamBarnes 2 months ago

Taking selfies can be dangerous, especially in certain unsafe or risky locations, and a study reported a month ago that hundreds of people have died globally over the past eight years while taking selfies. Yet, people thrill in taking selfies in risky places.

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While crowding busy streets for snapping selfies is an annoyance to locals, the bigger issue at stake here is that the tracks are very much operational, with trains plying their routes. Visitors are especially as risk as they are, unlike the locals, unaware of the train schedules.

Perhaps, taking selfies gives visitors an adrenaline rush or an opportunity to display photos on Instagram, a photo-worthy social media site.

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