Indian Man-Eating Tigress Killed After Hunt

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A tigress in India that is said to have killed 13 people has been shot dead after a major hunt, officials say.

The six-year-old animal had evaded capture in the forests of the western state of Maharashtra for two years.

Last month wildlife officials used perfume to lure the animal, according to the BBC.

Activists had campaigned to save the tiger, but India's Supreme Court said it would not interfere if forest rangers had little choice.

A team armed with a tranquilizer gun and a firearm was deployed in a vehicle on a road where the tigress, known as T-1, had been spotted by villagers, a Forestry Department statement said.

A patrol team went to an area near Borati village on Friday evening, after it was alerted about the tigress' presence.

A tranquillizer dart was fired at the animal. Once hit, the tigress charged the patrol's vehicle and she was killed by a single shot from a distance of between eight and 10 metres (26-33 ft), the statement said.

A post-mortem will now be done on the beast.

In August the tigress and her two nine-month-old cubs killed three people in the area around the town of Pandharkawada in Yavatmal district and struck fear in more than 5,000 residents..

Farmers and graziers were told to return early from the fields and forest, venture out only in groups, and not relieve themselves in the open fields, a common practice in the villages.

Meanwhile, the hunt for the tigress continued with more than 100 camera traps, bait in the form of horses and goats tied to trees, round-the-clock surveillance from treetop platforms, and armed patrols.

Wildlife officials also used vials of Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein, which contains a pheromone called civetone, after an experiment in the US suggested that it attracts jaguars.

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