Is 2019 Going To Be A Sustainable-Food Year?

Is 2019 Going To Be A Sustainable-Food Year?

WilliamBarnes 2 weeks ago

It seems this year is going to be a year when consumers and diners will embrace sustainable and healthy food – food that is good for people and the planet.

Four of the 15 food trends expected for 2019, according to BBC Good Food, involve food and packaging that are good for the planet.

Going meat-free

Britain’s approach to meat is undergoing a sea change. Restaurants as varied as Gauthier Soho and the Sutton & Sons are slowly turning vegan, clearly something transformative is happening.

According to data seen by M&S (set to launch a range of vegan ready meals and on-the-go options), 3.5 million people now identify as vegan, 20 percent of people under 35 have tried veganism, and 25 percent of evening meals in the UK are now meat-free. “It’s no longer niche,” says Emma Weinbren, food trends editor at retail magazine The Grocer.. “And this isn’t just committed vegans but people saying, ‘I want to cut down my meat intake.”

Using ugly fruit and vegetables

Grocery stories in the UK are seeing products made from misshapen fruit and vegetable that would otherwise go to waste. Eco-friendly searches on, an online grocery store, jumped 93 percent last year. This “rescued food” trend is expected to gain momentum in 2019.

Using hidden veggies

Gato & Co puddings (which use vegetables to reduce refined sugar content) and Dr. Oetker’s new Yes, It’s Pizza vegetable-dough bases clearly indicate how many people are keen to cut down on carbs and increase their consumption of vegetables – but without sacrificing gastronomic pleasure.Expect to see more hidden vegetable products in 2019.

Designing recyclable or lower-impact packaging

Waitrose & Partners is sells two new organic Chateau Maris wines in recyclable cans, while Carlsberg is sticking its cans together to create an easily snap-able bond, which, it says, will remove 1,200 tonnes of plastic waste annually. Walkers has joined hands with Terracycle to begin a recycling program for all crisp packets while they work on making new types of packaging.

Let’s hope 2019 turns out to be a watershed year for sustainable food and planet-friendly eating. 

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