Jailed Journalists’ Young Daughters Miss Fathers’ Presence

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The young daughters of the two Reuter journalists who were jailed earlier this year for violating the official secrets law while exposing the massacre of refugees are growing up without their fathers

Eleven-week-old Thet Htar Angel still hasn't seen her father, according to a CNN story.

The baby girl from Myanmar is still too young to visit the prison where her father, Reuters journalist Wa Lone, is lodged. He was jailed for exposing the massacre by the country's military.

Recently, the baby was released from hospital after spending two days there for treatment of breathing problems.

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Reuters journalist 32-year-old Wa Lone and his 28-year-old colleague Kyaw Soe Oo were arrested in Yangon last December and charged with violating the Official Secrets Act, a rarely-used colonial-era law in Myanmar. They are serving a seven-year sentence.

Their reporting for Reuters unearthed a massacre at the village of Inn Din in northern Rakhine State in September 2017, where 10 men from the Rohingya ethnic minority were killed and thrown in a mass grave. The country’s military confirmed the deaths and the state media has since reported that seven soldiers have been jailed for the killings.

But Kyaw Soe Oo's three-year-old daughter, Moe Thin Wai Zan, was very close to her father and is increasingly aware of what has happened.

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