Obama Speech Strikes Out At Trump

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21strange and uncertain times22

In a lecture at the cavernous Wanderers Cricket Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, Obama told some 15,000 people that the chaos of the world gave him the opportunity to seek perspective, reports CNN.

50But in the strange and uncertain times that we are in – and they are strange

Obama has made an art of criticizing the current President's values without explicitly naming Trump. His speech follows a news conference in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday, in which Trump sided with Putin over his own country's intelligence agencies on whether Russia interfered in the 2016 US election.

Obama makes the 16th annual Nelson Mandela Lecture ahead of Mandela Day on Wednesday, in one of his highest-profile speeches and his first return to Africa since he left office in 2017.

73Renewing the Mandela legacy and promoting active citizenship in a changing world

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