Preity Zinta Trolled For Comments On #MeToo

Preity Zinta Trolled For Comments On #MeToo

WilliamBarnes 2 months ago

Indian actress Preity Zinta has found herself in the soup after what critics consider her offhand comments on the #MeToo movement currently gaining ground in India, with several women media and film personalities calling out film producers, actors, journalists, and political leaders.

Zinta was being interviewed on a Bollywood website, Bollywood Hungama, when she was asked her take on the #MeToo buzz currently making the rounds in the India media. Her critics on social media say her response tantamounts to victim shaming.

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In recent weeks, many actors and actresses have spoken out in support of survivors of sexual harassment; and celebrities are regularly being asked to express their opinion on #MeToo, so it's surprising that Zinta came to this interview completely unprepared, according to the BBC.


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