Stowaways Found Lurking In Singer Amy Shark’s Bus

Two intruders were found hiding in Australian singer Amy Shark's tour bus in an attempt to enter the UK from continental Europe, Shark said on Twitter. The stowaways were found in the luggage compartment of the bus as Shark traveled from Brussels to London.

"No idea how they got in there or who they are or their plans," Shark wrote on Twitter, continuing, "I didn't think this stuff happened I'm so naive hey."

Shark's crew found the people as they readied merchandise for an upcoming show, the singer told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. When found, they collected their bags and left, she said, according to CNN.

Shark, real name Amy Louise Billings, is well known in Australia for her top 10 singles "Adore" and "I Said Hi." She is currently on a European tour.

The singer was trolled on Twitter after calling the incident "scary" and adding, "Everyone's ok though." One Twitter user wrote, "Sorry, but how is this scary for you?? If people will climb into a luggage carrier to sneak into the UK doesn't that say a bit more about how desperate they are??"

Shark responded, "The situation is scary. I feel for them, a very dangerous way to chase a new life. It's heart-breaking but the bus is also my home when I'm on the road and I didn't expect to find people hiding in it."

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