Trump Wants To Curb Import of German Cars

Trump Wants To Curb Import of German Cars

President Donald Trump has followed up a fractious weekend summit with major US allies by repeatedly accusing them of unfair treatment over trade.

At a news conference in Singapore on Tuesday, he took aim again at a frequent target: German car imports, according to CNN.

"[The European Union doesn't] take a lot of what we have, and yet they send Mercedes in to us, they send BMWs in to us, by the millions," Trump said. "It's very unfair, and it's very unfair to our workers and I'm going to straighten it out."

His complaints about foreign tariffs and trade surpluses are by now familiar.

Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron during a recent meeting in Washington that there are too many German cars in the United States. He's also raised the issue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the past, and threatened to tax German car imports at 35 percent.

Economists say Trump is missing two key points: German automakers have opened big factories in the United States, dramatically reducing their need to import cars. Plus, targeting German carmakers would hurt American workers and the US economy.

German automakers sold 1.35 million vehicles in the United States in 2017, about 8 percent of total US car sales. Of those, only 494,000 were exported from Germany to the United States — 25 percent less than in 2013, according to the German carmakers association.