Womyn-Run Websites Roundup: # 1

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If you’re anything like us, you do a LOT of reading online. So you might as well support your fellow womyn while you learn! These publications are informative, generally kick ass, AND run by womyn. Check them out:

Lady Bits

This site is for the tech-savvy person... or someone who wants to learn anything about technology.

Their posts cover everything from Disney and feminism to the ethics of solitary confinement. Go get some bits! Some lady bits! (Yes, that sounds sexual. Moving ooonnnn....)

Cherry Bombe

This food magazine doesn't take itself too seriously. Finally, something for the person who still can't crack an egg without getting some shell in the bowl. Oh, and Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner are in there, too. Need we say more?

The Establishment

Not only is this website entirely run by womyn, it is also venture capital funded by a woman! THAT is rare. The Establishment publishes everything from personal essays to horrifyingly sexist vintage videos. Enjoy:


This hilarious website is essentially The Onion... for lady things. Get ready to laugh at an inappropriate volume, wherever you are. Prepare for the lolz.

Everyday Feminism

This website has schooled us on SO many topics: xenophobia, micro aggressions, body love– the list goes on. Everyday Feminism challenges its readers to question the way that they look at the world. In other words, everyone should read this site:

Luna Luna Mag

Luna Luna wins, hands down, for the coolest homepage. But it has amazing content, too. Luna Luna dives deep, discussing everything from dating women who have been raped to the politics of polyamory. It also covers lighter topics, like amazing playlists and ghost stories. Treat yo self:

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