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Wealth, fame, body image, girlhood. New 2015 Emmy in hand, Oscar-nominated photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield's now working on her retrospective of 25 years of work documenting youth, culture, gender, consumerism. 

She's captured teens in LA, nights at Magic City, the king making hip hop strip club in Atlanta, what it means to throw like a girl, and what it's like to build the most expensive house in America.

41In her planned retrospective (WEALTH: The Influence of Affluence) writes David Schonauer for AI-AP.

If you're just hearing of Greenfield, take a look through her body of work so far, there is something there for everyone, whether obsession or compulsion.

The photo that started it all: Beverly Hills High Schoolers at the beach. This became Greenfield's first book, Fast Forward: Growing Up In The Shadow Of Hollywood.

Greenfield tells Time magazine how she interned at National Geographic and thought she'd use her anthropology degree to document the exotic, and the other. 

124I started to think about the prospect of documenting a culture that I understood

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