Reaction to 'Dear White People' trailer shows exactly why we NEED it

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Pretty much everyone can agree: You mess with my little sister, you mess with me. Or my brother. Everyone, of every skin tone/religion/cultural background can agree that you don't mess with family. Right? Right. 

So why is it that there's such a disconnect in figuring out that if you're a white person, you probably shouldn't wear blackface/yellowface/brownface, etc.? (Y'all probably didn't like the Wayans Brothers spoofing valley girls in White Chicks. Be real.)

The trailer for Netflix's 10-part new series Dear White People (based on the indie film of the same name from a couple years back) dropped yesterday, and easily-bruised white people with no sense of humor or irony are actually getting upset about it for...wait, who are the special snowflakes again? ???


In the just-over-30-second teaser trailer, you see and hear a college radio host (whose name we don't get just yet). She talks about how Halloween is coming up, and there are a ton of costumes to choose from. This is interspliced with some images of very white sorority and fraternity life. 

Then the radio host says that dressing like her should be off-limits, and we flash to a couple of stills of white college kids dressed in blackface that I'm SURE you've seen in the news before, because this kind of stuff still happens all. The. Time. 

Wait. White people are upset because this character had the audacity to ask them not to do stuff like this?! (Pretty reasonable request, seems to us.) 

Surely that can't be right...can it? Twitter will know.

Maybe it's just headlines like this.

I...oh. Wow. 

As for us, like we said before, this is one of the Netflix Originals we're most looking forward to in 2017. Sadly, the people who are kneejerk boycotting Netflix over this trailer (which...wha? How much lack of self-awareness do you have, anyway?!) are probably the ones who could use it the most. 

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