New Year Resolutions: Choose Those That Mean Most to You

New Year Resolutions: Choose Those That Mean Most to You

Planning to create a list of New Year resolutions in 2019? Beware. More than half of the resolutions people make fail, according to a New York Times article. You may have noticed for yourself that many of the resolutions you make peter out over the year without you making much headway.

If you are like me, you resolve every year to keep your New Year resolutions. I do. And yet, I find my willpower and progress slip through my fingers in the first quarter of the year. I lack determination. And I give up.

I am not alone. There are thousands who fail to follow through on their resolutions to make life better or to turn over a new leaf – for instance, being more financially savvy, quitting smoking or drinking alcohol, or finding a significant other.

I am in no position to dispense advice on how to keep your resolutions. All I would say is find meaning in your resolutions and pick just a few that make the most sense to you. For instance, I have decided to follow one: Turn your hobby into a career. If I love doing something I can probably make a profession or business out of it. Being a cooking and baking enthusiast, I have long dreamed of opening a bakery business. I will at least try putting together a plan.

Along with it, I want to be more financially savvy. Maybe I should get a handle on what money means in terms of numbers and claim my provident fund (retirement money) from companies I have left.

If you want to choose which resolutions to pick, here is a list of 50 great ideas. If you want advice, an excellent article in the New York Times awaits you: “How to Make (and Keep) a New Year's Resolution.”

Go forth and make a list of five. As for me, I have to resolve to follow my resolutions.

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