Traditional Media’s Bias, Hypocrisy, And Politically Partisan Narratives

Traditional Media’s Bias, Hypocrisy, And Politically Partisan Narratives

Democrats and the media are hand-in-glove regarding their stand toward anyone whose viewpoints they disagree with, especially Republicans, specifically President Donald J. Trump. They are soulmates when obstructing and resisting everything Republican and President Donald Trump, except when Republican leaders die. The media are handmaidens of the Democratic party. The media displayed shocking hypocrisy when it “made up” and presented disingenuous platitudes during their scripted eulogy’s for Sen. John McCain and former president George H.W. Bush shortly after their deaths earlier this year. To summarize the democrats’ perspective, the only good Republican is a dead Republican.

Throughout their careers George H.W. Bush and McCain,both republican leaders, were subjected to coordinated campaigns of contempt, ridicule, and vitriol waged against them by the traditional media and Hollywood. When they died, these very same media outlets and Hollywood stars heaped praise on these leaders. It’s only near the end of their lives did the media ever view the legacies of Bush and McCain as favorable. As for the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only),all of them revised history and heaped praise on these fallen “heroes” while demonizing everything Trump. The enemy of one’s enemy is a friend! These leaders reportedly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 over Trump, her opponent. How deep is Washington’s swamp, VERY!

The media are clearly politically motivated partisans. Their fawning praise for Bush and McCain was so phony; it was nauseating. The lying media propagandists spun how the Bush and McCain years represented a less toxic time in American politics. It’s only marginally true that they belonged to a bygone era when politics was more bipartisan,more congenial, and socializing between Dems and Republicans was not unusual. But the media always focused on partisan coverage, disregarding any bonhomie among leaders across party lines. The media’s bias always extremely tilted to the left. Their glaring hypocrisy and double standards are responsible for today’s racially divided, hate-filled, and polarized violent politics. This has given rise to domestic terrorist organizations such as ANTIFA. ANTIFA opposes everything Trump, wants his removal at any cost, and supports violence. ANTIFA claims to be “anti-fascist,” yet their views, violence, and suppression of all opposing views are clearly fascist tactics. ANTIFA’s actions have never been denounced by the Democrats or the media.

The media have flip-flopped in their attitude and stand toward the two departed Republican leaders. During their heyday, they were savaged. During their presidential campaigns, they were castigated. The New York Times backed Democrat Michael Dukakis over Bush in 1988. Bush went on to win a landslide. Four years later, the paper supported Bill Clinton, slamming Bush’s economic management as “exasperating” and his positions on individual rights as “infuriating.” Now, Bush is being hailed as an exemplary icon of American politics. Even his endorsement of the Gulf War in 1991 against Iraq is seen as a tremendous achievement no matter what the liberals might think.

Similarly, McCain was hailed as a bold maverick in 2000 when he sought the GOP ticket against George W. Bush. But when he won the nomination in 2008 to contest against Barack Obama, the New York Times said McCain had “retreated farther and farther to the fringe of American politics, running a campaign on partisan division, class warfare and even hints of racism. His policies and worldview are mired in the past.”

As he lay in his coffin, the paper eulogized the “adventurous bipartisanship” he showed “in a long and distinguished career.”

In reality, the media are clearly anti-Republican and anti-Trump.

“The flip-flops,” says New York Post’s Michael Goodwin,“are the latest reminders that, more than two years after Trump’s stunning upset, it is not adequate to say American elites of both parties and the media have yet to accept his presidency. It is clear they never will.”

The traditional media live in a bubble, an echo chamber representing views of America’s East and West coast only. It’s a dangerous bubble detached from the rest of the country and focusing on the elites only.

The New York Times and Hollywood drooled over the Obamas. Michelle was featured on the cover of nearly 100 Magazines as first lady. Compare that to Melania Trump 0 magazine covers as first lady. Hollywood, the social justice warriors, and their lap-dog media demonized Trump for being married to The Donald. Michelle, on the other hand, was portrayed as a goddess, a fairy princess. Is this connected to the Obamas’ special relationship with the media and Hollywood’s elites? The Obamas viewed the media and Hollywood’s elites as visiting dignitaries, to be treated like royalty, by the Obamas in their White House. Why would the media go along with this? Simple: Ratings and MONEY. The fake news, which misrepresents America, is more lucrative. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper makes $100 million a year. The mainstream media fed the skewed narrative of the Obamas, eviscerated the middle class, benefited the .001%, Hollywood’s elites, and maintained the status quo.

Most of the media portrayed President Obama as the second coming of Jesus, a demi-God.

When one does an objective analysis of his policies, however, they were terrible; and history will not treat him kindly. He conned most of the world into believing his empty rhetoric while Wall Street bailouts, healthcare costs, and a raging opioid crisis savaged the middle-class. Obama’s policies pushed forward globalism, which widened the wealth inequality gap by the most in history. Obama’s policy initiatives moved the USA closer to plutocracy and the pitchfork revolution.

The media overlooked Obama’s many flaws. He fit the media’s agenda.

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