What is better - take a pill or go to see a therapist?

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What is better - take a pill or go to see a therapist?

A pill or medication is not comparable with a psychological therapy and vice versa. Therefore, neither one is better over the other nor is one worse than the other. Instead, both of these treatment approaches can work together hand in hand for a better and more comprehensive treatment method.

What’s right and wrong with pills?

Pills are drugs that help balance neurotransmitters in the brains that control our mood and emotions in order for people to feel good, sleep better, or improve concentration and appetite among others. They provide immediate relief and assistance to people suffering from depression and other mental health problems. Immediate relief and aid are especially important for certain types of mental health illness such as manic depression, which one can turn violent or people with suicidal tendencies.

These are instances when instant alleviation of the illness should be administered in order to prevent a patient to perform things which can be irrevocable and regrettable like killing someone or oneself.

The downside with pills is that they only provide temporary relief and can be addictive. People who use medication to combat depression and similar illnesses are more likely to be dependent on these drugs in order to feel good or to shake off some exasperating worry or concern.

Dependence on these drugs is essentially a form of addiction and does not truly resolve one’s health problem. And this could spell more trouble in the long run than help to a patient.

What’s right and wrong with therapy?

Psychotherapy helps in treating mental illness by enlightening a patient and providing them ways to understand their situation and to cope with them. However, when it comes to effectiveness, therapy provides a more comprehensive approach to mental illness than medication. Moreover, it can provide effective and lasting cure or treatment instead of mere relief from a mental illness without resorting to medication that can be potentially addictive.

The downside with therapy however is that while it has been proven helpful and effective, it does not necessarily guarantee treatment or cure. It has always been argued that the patient himself is ultimately responsible for one’s own mental healing. E-therapy.uk says that Therapeutic counselling is primarily means to help a patient help himself. Moreover, therapy also takes time to perform, which may not be fit for people whose mental problems does not afford them the luxury of time. Some people who are mentally unstable may have already committed suicide or may have hurt somebody before therapy start to work.


You both need therapy and medication depending on the patient. Therapy works best but some patient needs immediate relief from health problems which only pills can provide. A combination of therapy and pills can also be used as an approached to combating mental health. In this way, you get the best of both worlds. In this way, patients are given immediate relief when needed and long-term cure for their mental health problems. 

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