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Will Trump Protesters Scream At The Sky Today? [VIDEO]

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Exactly one year today, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. This video calls out America's traditional “fake news media” and its propaganda bullhorn that lies to America on behalf of the status quo.

It is well known that the traditional media in the United States are part of the US establishment. This fact becomes increasingly clear by the controversy surrounding the release of the new book by ex-Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile. In her book, Brazile calls out Hil…

Dear President Trump, After 54 Years America Deserves To Know Everything

The 50-year declassification limit has been reached on thousands of classified documents pertaining to the JFK assassination, and President Trump announced today that he will allow the release them to the public.

The American people, and the world, want to know what is in these documents. But they want to know what is in all of them. Hillary Clinton promised to release all of her emails, and then conveniently forgot about thousands of them. Do not allow the CIA to do the same.

Americans have the …

NY Yankees Win ALCS Game 5 In The Bronx, Series Heads Back To Texas

The New York Yankees lead the ALCS three games to two (in the best out of seven) after another victory over the Houston Astros in the fifth game of the series on Wednesday night.

The Bronx Bombers' sweet mid-week victory caps off an incredible championship comeback, which saw New York's hometown heroes go from a 0-2 deficit to beat the Astros 4 games to 2 and secure the William Harridge Trophy.

Game 5 of the American league championship series pitted  Yankee ace Masahiro Tanaka against the Astor’s…

Activist Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban… Again

President Donald Trump’s latest attempt to impose a travel ban on citizens from countries deemed to pose a security threat to the US — due to go into effect this week — was blocked on Tuesday by a federal judge in Hawaii.

Derrick Watson, district judge for the US District Court of Hawaii, granted Hawaii’s request to temporarily block the ban — in what was an obvious act of judicial activism designed to undermine the constitutional efforts of a democratically elected president.

How do we know it …

Columbus Another Casualty of the Left’s Identity Politics War

Columbus Day, is the second Monday of October and it’s a United States federal government holiday. Brooklyn lawmaker Charles Barron has just introduced legislation, in the form of Bill A8676, to rename Columbus Day. In addition, Alaska, Minnesota and Vermont have notched up their virtue signaling to a new level by renaming "Columbus Day" to "Indigenous Peoples Day."

Barron further argues: “Not only should the Columbus statues come down, but also the statues of Thomas Jefferson…and George Washing…

Weinstein, Hollywood, & The Democrats: A 30-Year Cover-Up of A Sexual Predator

The liberal media never want to discuss real issues impacting real Americans. Why hide how Hollywood moguls and politicians regularly sexually abuse women with impunity? Does it have anything to do with cash and buying influence in our political pay-to-play culture?

Look at predators such as Harvey Weinstein. It’s been a rough ride for embattled Weinstein over the past few days. Two members of his legal dream team have resigned. One of America’s most prominent women’s rights advocates, Lisa Bloo…