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10 Ways to Protect Yourself When Traveling

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Travel, whether it’s a jaunt through your own country, or journeying across the world, can be an adventure. Your holiday can easily be destroyed if you’ve been pickpocketed or robbed.

Mark Graff is one of the country’s top cyber security experts. He is the founder and CEO of Tellegraff LLC, and a former Chief Information Officer of Nasdaq. Candice Sabatini, publisher and fashion director of BeautyNewsNYC.com, is a world traveler who has spent months living in Russia, and t…

La La Land Sweeps the 89th Annual Academy Award Oscar with 14 Nominations

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This morning, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences broke with tradition when it came to announcing the nominations for the 89th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Instead of a press conference, the nominations were broadcast live from Oscar.com. Members of the Academy, past nominees and winners like Jennifer Hudson, Glenn Close, Terrence Howard and Brie Larson took turns speaking about their experience at the Oscars and reading the names of the nominees. The…

Delish Fragrances to Wear This Winter

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Winter fragrances tend to be more seductive and warmer in tone than ones created for spring and summer. That’s why many women (and men) create a fragrance wardrobe where they rotate their fragrances by season. Building your own collection that’s based on mood, personality and occasion is one of the best investments of time you can make.

Fragrances are divided into six basic scent categories: floral, oriental (musk, amber, vanilla, incense and spice notes), citrus (a mix of fr…

Are Music Fests Getting Political?

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Festival season is almost upon us. This year, most U.S states are hosting four or more music festivals throughout the spring, summer and fall. Coachella, which had its first event back in 1993, is being credited as the music event that revitalized the festival scene.

Music festivals, at least here in the United States, have long targeted their music to specific segments of society. Warped Tour and Lollapalooza catered to metal lovers, the Newport Jazz Festival showcased that…

5 Dessert Wines to Try Now

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Dessert wines are becoming the popular kid on the block. Once regulated to the back of a wine shop, they now are front and center. 

“I think port started becoming popular when people started to understand it was more than just a ‘sweet wine.’ Yes of course, it’s sweet, but the fact that it’s a fortified wine that pairs well with more than just desserts, makes people more interested in it,” said sommelier and private chef Sara Lehman. “Also, I find that many people also enj…

14 Faux Fur Jackets for Every Budget

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Why do we wear faux fur? Is it because we want to be kind to our environment and animals? Is it because faux fur is infinitely more wallet-friendly than buying real fur? And much easier to clean. Is it because we’ve seen Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Jamie Chung, Chanel Iman, Emma Roberts and a slew of celebs pair faux fur jackets in every color of the rainbow with everything from denim to party dresses? Is it because the thought of wearing a boring puffer coa…