Out of the Shadow of Men: Women in History Who Deserve Their Own Spotlight

When Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said, “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” she couldn’t have been more accurate. But, it seems, sometimes even the less well-behaved ones don’t receive their moment in the spotlight – something the presidential election proved all too poignantly as a dedicated public servant who happened to be female was denied entrance to an office she desperately wanted.

One woman who was notorious for her decidedly not good behavior, Zelda Fitzgerald, is the subject of a new TV…

Do "The Rules" Apply?: Dating in 2017

Apple got it wrong. When the company aired its controversial “Lemmings” commercial back in 1985, showing people grimly marching off a cliff to their death, whistling “Heigh-Ho,” it was 10 years too early and featured the incorrect gender. They should have waited until 1995 and timed this commercial with the release of the book “The Rules,” a guide to dating seemingly determined to turn women into heteronormative obedient robots obsessed with men, marriage and motherhood through brainwashing and …

Passion and Politics: Big Moments at the SAG Awards!

It was a night of politically-driven celebration at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29. Given by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to recognize performances in movies and television, the awards ceremony was celebratory but also somber, with almost every single speech referring to President Donald Trump and his ban on immigrants that dominated the headlines over the weekend.

The political messages were apparent on the red carpet, where “Big Bang …

From ‘1984’ to Gloria Steinem, the Best Books for Aspiring Revolutionaries

Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States, and, according to some, the fight is over. But to others, and, hopefully to all those scared of what the future holds for America, the fight has only just begun. If the lengthy Presidential campaign and keeping up with the President’s numerous tweets has worn you out, it’s time to crack open a book and get ready to fight.

“The Handmaid’s Tale”

Margaret Atwood’s novel about a dystopian future in which the women are seen only as vessels…

Before ‘Gone Girl’s’ Cool Girl, There Was Hitchcock’s Cool Girl

The unrealistic idealization of women is nothing new to culture. Since the beginning of time, the “softer sex” has been called angelic, saintly and as chaste as a Madonna, and, with the release of the bestselling novel “Gone Girl,” the phrase “cool girl” found its place in literary and popular culture jargon.

In the 2012 literary thriller (that was adapted into a 2014 film), readers are introduced to narrator Amy Dunne’s thoughts on the Cool Girl, as she seeks revenge from her unfaithful husband:…

Escape From American Politics With a Female-Friendly TV Marathon

There are seven stages of grief and, post-election, America is still working through them, especially denial, anger and depression. What we all need is some optimism, and who better than to bring that into our lives than Leslie Knope, the determined civil servant who never gives up on democracy and the hope of a better future?

The comparisons between "Parks and Recreation" and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign were endless, as Clinton’s platform of experience and dedication competed with …