Jake Scobey-Thal


Jake Scobey-Thal

Here’s the Data Behind China’s Clean Energy Revolution

One of President Donald Trump’s first moves in office was to purge all mention of climate change from the White House’s official website. The move is likely a precursor to more substantive policy efforts to dismantle the Obama administration’s environmental legacy. So, that’s not great. Thankfully, the GOP-led government’s ongoing denial of man-made global warming in the face of overwhelming evidence of its existence and destructive potential is uniquely witless.

According to the Sierra Club, Tru…

A Brief History of Scotland's Fight For Independence

More than two years after Scots voted to stay in the United Kingdom in a nationwide referendum, independence may yet again be on the agenda. "I'm 85 or 90 percent sure at least that we're heading towards another referendum," Ross Greer (pictured above), a Greens lawmaker, told Reuters on Monday. The renewed push comes as the country prepares for the United Kingdom’s departure from Europe — a move that remains deeply unpopular in Scotland. Over 60 percent of Scots voted to remain in the continent…

Dear Leader Is Never Sick

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari just made what some could interpret as a troubling request. Two weeks ago, the president left for a medical visit to London, handing the duties of his office to his vice president. But on Monday, the President wrote to Parliament to ask for more time abroad, reportedly to await test results. The statement, which neither outlined how much extra time would be needed nor specified his condition, has fueled speculation at home about the severity of his condition.

How to Defeat a Mosquito-Borne Plague

The basic premise of a vaccine is simple: simulate a disease in order to activate an immune response. Its figuring out how to trigger that resistance without, you know, killing people that’s the hard part. It’s in its early days, but Stefan Kappe, the Director of Translational Science at the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Seattle, may have found the key to developing a safe and effective tool to neutralize malaria. This month, his team published the results from a first trial of a vac…

Can States Can Propel a Clean Energy Future?

Last week, a collection of Massachusetts lawmakers proposed a bold piece of legislation. The bill, if enacted, would require the state to generate 100 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2035. Other sectors, such as heating and transportation, would need to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by 2050. The legislation stands in stark contrast to the machinations in Washington, D.C.. The new administration has pledged to unravel the Climate Action Plan, which lays out a broad set …

Millions of Syrians Don’t Have Access to Education

After two years without schooling, Ahmed, a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon, is now enrolled.

How do you rebuild Aleppo, if a whole generation can’t do the basic arithmetic needed for carpentry and construction? By now the casualty numbers from Syria’s factional civil war are well established. Around half a million people have died since fighting began nearly six years ago. But there is a lesser known crisis spurred by the intractable conflict: Syrian children are going unschooled at an alarming…