Justin Zipprich


Justin Zipprich

China Is Completing A Nuclear Missile Capable Of Striking Anywhere In Minutes

China is looking to beef up their military arsenal, and their newest weapon of ultimate destruction is the Dongfeng-41 missile, which they say will be ready for use within a few months.

If Chinese claims are true, the Dongfeng-41 will be unlike anything the world has yet to see. It is reported to have the longest range of any ballistic rocket in the world with the ability to go at least 7,500 miles with the capability of carrying up to 10 nuclear warheads.

Not only can it easily travel to faraway …

Ikea Under Fire After 8 Toddlers Die From Faulty Dressers

Earlier this year, two-year-old Jozef Dudek of Buena Park California was put down for a nap. When his father came in to check on him soon after, he found the young boy trapped under an Ikea dresser that had tipped over. The child did not survive.

As sad as this story is, it is not the first time that a piece of Ikea furniture had caused a fatality of a young child. As a matter of fact, the main culprit in Ikea’s catalog, the Malm dresser, has caused the death of eight children around the world in…

Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons Booted From Fox News For Life

Musician and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is anything but mild-mannered, but his most recent escapades at the Fox News offices have gotten him banned for life.

His appearance began as routine as a visit by Gene Simmons can be, as he joined the hosts of Fox & Friends and gave his opinion on a number of subjects, including the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

When the hosts asked him how he felt about the allegations, he responded by stating that “the lunatics have taken over the insane asylum when respected…

Democratic Senator Says Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned After Lewinsky Scandal

Ever since the story broke that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein had been sexually harassing movie stars for decades, the world has exploded with an unending surge of women coming out against their past transgressors.

With all of these discussions about people of power taking advantage of the women in their purview, few think back about what could perhaps be the most significant sexual harassment case in political history, the case of President Bill Clinton and his intern Monica Lewinsky.


Tesla’s New Electric Semi Could Revolutionize The Transportation Industry

Elon Musk recently held a huge presentation during which he announced one of Tesla’s newest vehicles, the Semi model, and he had another little surprise as well.

First, the new semi. The model that he presented goes into production in 2019 and will have a range of 500 miles, motors and a battery that will last for 1 million miles, and overall cheaper operating costs than traditional diesel models currently provide.

The new truck is Musk’s latest attempt to effectively electrify what he calls all f…

China Developing Aircraft Capable Of Dropping Bombs On U.S. Within 14 Minutes

China is hard at work developing a new aircraft equipped with nuclear warheads that is capable of reaching the United States in just 14 minutes with testing slated to begin in the year 2020.

If it matches its full potential, the aircraft will be capable of flying at speeds of up to 27,000 miles an hour, which is approximately 35 times the speed of sound.

The interesting thing about testing a jet with such awe-inspiring capabilities is that you can’t just launch it from any airport tarmac. Instead …