As a global storytelling platform and community, Storia is dedicated to the freedom of expression and the power of people coming together to discover, share and celebrate moments of their lives. We also care deeply about the health of our network and believe that the strength of our community is founded on shared values and sensibilities.

For your safety and comfort, here are Storia’s standards for different kinds of expression, content and behavior on our site. You’ll see below what may be reported and removed, and find more details in our Terms of Service.

Please understand that reporting content or behavior is not a guarantee it will be deemed to be in violation of these standards.

Thank you for helping us create such a vibrant and diverse community.

We care about your safety. We’ll prohibit content we deem to be inciting, threatening, promoting, planning or celebrating physical, psychological and/or emotional harm and violence to yourself or others. We’ll take action on reports of targeting individuals with unwanted attention like connection requests and messages, and any other abusive behavior.

Hate Speech
Storia does not permit attacks on others based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

We prohibit obscene and explicit graphic content, as well as any sexual content where a minor is involved.

False Identity
Storia does not allow you to use someone else’s name or likeness.

Please do not contact our members for commercial purposes without their prior consent.

Copyright Violation
Respect the copyrights and trademarks of others. Share only content that you’ve created, taken or have the right to share.

Reporting abuse

Please report any content or behavior on Storia that you think violates our terms. We’ll take a look and remove the content or user if we warrant it is in violation.