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These elite female Chinese bodyguards can cut you while looking cute

Gone are the days of burly and surly large men in shades (so tacky!). China is seeing a rise of elite women bodyguards who can go undercover as a stylish good friend or secretary in order to provide covert protection for the super-rich. 

Judgment Day Looms for Maria


Will Maria Sharapova Get Her Comeuppance or Her Just Desserts?

As you may recall, our darling Golden Girl, #MariaSharapova, has been caught up in a #doping #scandal all year.  She was originally slapped with what was seen as a fairly harsh "first-time offense" lengthy two-year sentence, which prevented her from playing at the #FrenchOpen and #Wimbledon while she appealed.

Let's face it. Even the ITF, the International Tennis Federation, said they believed the way Maria was using the drug #meldoniu

Marc Jacobs accused of stealing locs from African Americans

The NYFW ended on a cheeky note with Marc Jacobs show in a retro mood. 

Be like a celeb, hire a pro for your vacation photos

Here's how to get Taylor Swift-level travel snaps at normal person prices...

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