3 Startups To Look Out For In 2019

3 Startups To Look Out For In 2019

3 Startups To Look Out For In 2019

As we all are aware of the fact that AI is the way to our future, there are endless numbers of startups that are launching every day in the same line. So, here we are with the top 3 startups that offer a promising future in the world of AI -

  • Front

With over $66 million funding on its side, one startup to look out for in the year 2019 is Front. This 5 year old startup from the AI industry is gaining recognition for its shared inbox platform that offers a seamless manner of handling incoming messages from different channels like email, texts, social media networks and Slack.

  • Highspot

Another startup to watch out for the year 2019 is Highspot. With its $35 million funding, Highspot is a startup that is all about brilliant sales engagement. At present, Highspot has more than 90% recurring users per month, with a support channel spread across 125 countries worldwide.

  • Travis

Travis makes it possible for you to talk to anyone and at any place, without having the need to learn their language. This AI bot has the ability to translate up to 80 languages, thereby paving a way for businesses and people in general to make new deals and associations without any restrictions of language. The global appeal of this crowd funded startup makes it the most sought after startups for the year 2019. 

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