3. Yale charts her journey on the 'Following Miss Bell' blog

3. Yale charts her journey on the 'Following Miss Bell' blog

Pat Yale's blog Following Miss Bell: Travels round Turkey in the footsteps of Gertrude Bell, tracks her own fascinating #journey of #discovery.

Since April 2015 Pat has been retracing the journeys of Gertrude Bell during the final years of the Ottoman Empire. 

This pioneering #tourist and #archaeologist visited #AsiaMinor, where she researched into #Byzantine #church #architecture, subsequently writing two books about places in what is now Turkey: The A Thousand and One Churches (with Sir William M. Ramsey) and The Churches and Monasteries of the Tur Abdin. Her other books, including Persian Letters, From Amurath and Amurath, and The Desert and the Sown, also contain accounts of her adventures in #Turkey even though it is not the main focus. 

In addition Bell left a rich legacy of letters and diaries, all of them now made available online by University of Newcastle.

Pat started her #journey in April, in #Izmir, deciding to leave #Istanbul until later, and when she and  I met in #Bodrum had already had delved into the remains of the old #Levantine Izmir community, fortunate to sit where Gertrude had sat in the gardens of one of the old #British families.

This combination of research and serendipity has yielded Pat some amazing moments since she left Bodrum too, as her travels mean visiting every site that Gertrude visited.

Even with the help of taxi drivers, and locals, going up hill and mountain must be leaving Pat gasping, as she makes no claim to be ‘the accomplished alpine mountain climber’ that Gertrude was, in her hob-nailed boots. Hence the ascent of Mt. Hasan- a proper mountain in central Anatolia, remains Pat’s greatest challenge, and one for the cooler months at the end of the year.

She has met the last (retired) honorary British Consul of Iskenderun, found the last men of Jewish Antakya, and walked on ancient roads rarely trodden.

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For purposes of this project I will be amalgamating all her different journeys into one long loop around the country.

Here's Pat's entry for her Bodrum excursion.

The #blog describes Pat’s #travels based on her the transcribed #diary – with all the flaws and mistakes of transcription of Gertrude’s phonetic spelling of old names, some nearly lost to human memory. 

Listening to Pat and my #archaeologist husband Bahadir work through the names of just the Milas – Bodrum area was a lesson in how important local knowledge works in this type of #research.

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