4 Amazing Must-See Destinations In Sri Lanka

4 Amazing Must-See Destinations In Sri Lanka

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4 Amazing Must-See Destinations In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is about a lot more than just ancient temples and a gorgeous coastline. It’s also an island that offers it’s tourists a myriad of attractions. So much so, that it can almost be termed as the perfect island for adventure! From amazing surfs to safaris with its natural wild animals, there is something in this island for everyone. So if you’re planning a luxury travel to Sri Lanka and are confused about where to go, check out our picks of must-visit destinations in the island country!

Adam’s Peak

4 Amazing Must-See Destinations In Sri Lanka

The butterfly mountain (also known as the Adam’s Peak) extends to 2,243 metres above sea level and is one of the most famous mountains on the island (if not the tallest). Just below its summit, there is a depression called the Sinhalese Sri Pada (Holy Feet), and is believed to hold religious importance by all the four regions of the country.

Lion Rock

If you’re in the mood of taking in some of the mystic history of this island country, then you should probably include the Lion Rock in your itinerary. Located at Sigiriya, the Lion Rock is a magma mass of an eroded volcano matter that towers 200 metres above its surrounding flatland. It once used to house the fortress of King Kassapa, however, now you can only see its foundation walls. A great tourist attraction, you absolutely have to check the place out!

Bambarakanda Waterfall

4 Amazing Must-See Destinations In Sri Lanka

Yet another highlight in the amazing landscape that Sri Lanka has to offer is the array of waterfalls that tumble down from steep slopes. At a dizzying height of 241 metres, the Bambarakanda waterfall has its home over the Kudu Oya River, and is the highest waterfall in the country.

Sinharaja Forest

You’re not doing justice to Sri Lanka if you’re not checking out the variety of rainforests that the country has to offer. The Sinharaja Forest, for instance, is like walking into an entirely different world. With dense foliage and a wide variety of flora and fauna, the place is truly a nature’s paradise.

So plan your trip to Sri Lanka with our collection of must-visit destinations and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

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