4 interesting questions that will help you improve your small talk skills  

4 interesting questions that will help you improve your small talk skills  

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Small Talk isn’t as easy as it seems. I’m Molly, a former stutterer. I still remember, when I was young, one of my biggest fears was walking up on someone and introducing myself or meeting someone for a business lunch and being nervous that I don’t stutter or come across as a boring person.

4 interesting questions that will help you improve your small talk skills  

However, with time, attending a lot of workshops and seminars, and a lot of practice I have managed to iron out this fault in me.

If you are facing the same difficulty, then I’m here to help you. Here are some of the questions that you can ask someone if you want to initiate small talk.

  • What excites you the most about your present life?

The answer to this question might go in different directions like personal life, work life, etc. so I usually have follow-up questions that open up the conversation further.

  • Is there anything you are looking forward to in the coming days or weeks?

Similar to the first one, this one can go in different directions but it is a more forward-looking question so you may get the answer according to the time scale. It will also make the other one think that you care about their future goals and objectives.

  • If you had to choose one, what has been the best thing to happen to you this year?

Similar to the previous two, this one takes them back into time and gets them thinking about the pivotal moments that changed the course of their life. It will generally garner a wealth of options which might overlap with some areas of your interest.

  • What’s your story?

This is easily one of my personal favorites as it is such an open-ended question that it can open up doors to a lot of intriguing stories – settling into a foreign country, getting funding for a startup, beating all odds and succeeding in your goals, and a lot more.

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