5) Controversial actress says no to Tubman, 'we need to move forward'

5) Controversial actress says no to Tubman, 'we need to move forward'

Take the uber-controversial actress Raven-Symoné telling The View’s audience why she believes abolitionist icon Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the $20 bill. 

26No offense to everyone that’s going to be mad at me for saying this

According to writer Danielle C. Belton, in her article: Raven-Symoné Also Thinks Harriet Tubman Shouldn’t Be on the $20 Bill, she describes why Raven seems to want to avoid the controversy of slavery...

One way to not repeat the HORROR of SLAVERY is to talk about Harriet Tubman, superhero, modern-day Moses, spy for the Union Army, icon to those living with disabilities, with the message that you can do anything anyone else can do, and, in fact, do it better and liberate your people while you’re at it.

There are other reasons not to put Tubman on the $20 bill—namely that she was sold in the name of money, so it’s kind of weird to put her face on it, to commoditize a woman who fought to keep black people from being commodities. That’s how dirty the legacy of slavery is—that mess taints everything. Even things that should be good things, like honoring Tubman.

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